American Disability Act (ADA) Amendments in 2011?

With Q1 of a new year comes the time for every self-respecting blog to make bold predictions on events to unfold this coming year or have a best of 2010 list, let’s go with the former today:

The American Disability Act will be amended to include specific items governing web pages for institutions receiving public funding, such as higher education.

This didn’t happen last year as predicted, but steps have been made towards this. The Department of Justice requesting comment “on the possibility of revising the Title II and III regulations within the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to explicitly include Internet accessibility of covered entities. ANPRM comments posted by others share a wide array of viewpoints, from total opposition to support for the strictest of implementations.”

WebAIM’s (makers WAVE, a great tool for checking accessibility) detailed response to the DOJ request can be found here.

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