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At SimpleApply we’re constantly trying to improve the quality of our software. We place a lot emphasis on ease of use, but never by sacrificing quality. Often times we’ll hear about a new feature or architecture but under intense scrutiny, the benefit doesn’t outweigh the detriment which is typically either a slower or more complex enrollment experience. There is one feature that keeps coming back up however that we are in the process of incorporating into our product.

Anyone who fills out an account registration these days is familiar with Facebook authentication. The Facebook API allows other websites to take advantage of the information already on file with this ubiquitous social network. By leveraging it, websites are able to streamline and make account registration possible with just a few clicks. This being a fairly universal trend, we see this as something that could benefit all of our markets including Higher Education, K-12, even non-profit and Healthcare organizations. There are also options to leverage Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter Buttons
Not only would account registration be streamlined, if the person so chose, additional information could be shared extremely fast. Examples include location, interests, profile pictures – really anything you have in Facebook. The benefit of this to institutions are immediate. A more complete prospect or applicant profile translates to better marketing and more effective prospecting. Perfect right? Maybe – but there are still features to fine tune.

Facebook users aren’t always happy to turn their private information over. Some people simply don’t want that information shared, so there has to be flexibility in registration, controls to adjust information sharing, and a clear communication about what data is being used and why.

As one of the pioneers of using Facebook to stir up viral sharing of application in Higher Education, we’re always interested in any institutions interested in partnering with us on a project to continue pushing the limits of what’s possible for the enrollment management experience. With your assistance we can create an online application that is secure, section 508 compliant, easy to use, and gets the exact information you need to facilitate registration.

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