Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as Admission Recruitment Tools

The rise of new social networking technologies has left many admission teams asking, “how do we use this?” Just referencing these buzzwords is not enough. Today’s higher education e-marketers need to know how to practically apply these technologies in order to best leverage the huge audiences in their target demographic that these networks have built.

Facebook – Your institution should have it’s own admission Facebook page. This page should reflect the branding and mission of the school. As new prospects and applicants come in, be sure to add them as a friend to this page. This will allow your network to grow. Periodically communicate with them, but only with worthwhile content. Another way to utilize Facebook is to enable Facebook sharing for all of your schools News, Events, and Media. That way if a Facebook user takes interest in something, they can virally share it with their friends via their feed. The same would apply with an online application. Imagine the “pull” your school has when a high school student signs on and sees their best friend just applied to your institution. The latest use of the Facebook API allows for easy access into secured environments via Facebook authentication. This is a newer technology and should not be pursued unless you have a deep understanding of the impacts of this strategy.

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Twitter – This technology has grown in popularity thanks to its media coverage during the Iranian Riots. All schools should have a Twitter account that is updated at least twice a day with the latest developments in the Admission office including deadlines, dates, and information for applicants and students. An easy way to grow your Twitter readership is to publicize it on your website, and also to add prospects and students to your list of followers. Another way to utilize Twitter is to micro-blog an event. Just create a unique Twitter account for an event such as an open house, graduation, or sports team/game. Publicize the new account and then let people follow your minute by minute developments about what is going on.

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YouTube – Every good Admission team should get ahead of things and create their own YouTube page with quality video that represents their school. Good things to include are campus tours, sporting events, guest speakers, and alumni interviews. Just remember that if you choose not to do so, you don’t only lose the chance to impress people with your video; you also allow video footage of the latest party to bubble up and potentially place your institution of higher learning in a negative light.

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