How to Handle School Budget Cuts

Nearly every educational institution is feeling the pain of budget cuts being implemented on the federal, state, and/or local government levels. This storm is not new, and many institutions have been weathering it for several years now. To have your budget slashed by 5, 10, or 15% year after year is a staggering amount. How can an institution handle school budget cuts and continue to make things work with less money? For certain, every department in the institution will feel some pain. But how do you perform budgetary surgery without damaging any of the vital organs?

This is a herculean task but SimpleApply does suggest some options with an experienced perspective in technology. Through the automation and the digitization of any processes that can be streamlined via technology you’ll be able to save costs on multiple levels. Here is what you can gain by taking a dose of technological steroids:

  • Improve efficiency of your existing staff by allowing them to work faster and spend less time with paper
  • Improve record keeping and organization, reduce paper clutter, become more green through digitization
  • Recover office space you already have by eliminating the need for all of those paper and form archives and then repurposing that space for something else, thereby avoiding having to explore options of expanding your office space
  • Eliminate the need for additional staffing requirements as your school grows, let technology do more work for you
  • Attract younger talent to your staff and increase enrollment through admissions

These budget savings add up year after year and you will gain the most benefit the sooner you implement them. While every institution will undoubtedly tackle these problems on multiple fronts, your admissions process is an easy place to start. Here at SimpleApply we offer a comprehensive, section 508 compliant, Online Admission Application package which can provide you with “software as a service billing” model. One of the greatest budgetary benefits of this model is that we can deliver a solution with an annual fixed cost so you don’t have to worry about unexpected budgetary surprises or out-of-budget experiences. You also don’t need to worry about any of the additional staffing requirements in either the implementation or maintenance, since we take care of all of that for you. All of our pricing and product services are available online so you can judge for yourself to see if the budget cost savings we offer are for you.

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