Introducing SimpleCampus by SimpleApply LLC

In the coming weeks SimpleApply will introduce its newest offering SimpleCampus to the Higher Education and K-12 markets. SimpleCampus is a revolutionary way of handling your institutions website. It is a fully vendor managed website solution.

What exactly does that mean? SimpleApply will be responsible for building and updating your front end marketing website in its entirety, including all webpages and toolsets that touch your prospects such as your online application, net price calculator, analytics, or contact form.

What are the benefits? That are almost too many to name. For starters, you’ll save precious budget money but shrinking your website cost to just one yearly fee. No longer will you require a diverse technical skillset on staff such as designers, programmers, marketers, networkers, hardware admins; all you’ll need to do is provide your content directly to your assigned SimpleCampus representative via email. You simply provide the content and assign us the task. We complete the work. Without constantly being concerned about the “technology” you can focus on the quality content your users want to see. For some schools, SimpleCampus will be a huge upgrade in terms of aesthetics and user experience. Our system utilizes a template and best practice navigation based on the most successful websites in the market. All we need is your logo and school colors to customize the look and feel. SimpleCampus, just like all SimpleApply LLC products is Section 508 compliant. We can do it all, for less money, faster, and with amazing quality.

If this interests you, let us know! We always have room for beta testers, and we’d love to hear what you think about a fully managed offering. Have a feature request? Tell us, we’d love to include it if it’s a viable addition.
We want to build a product and service that helps you do your job better, and in the end benefits the way prospects see your institution. It’s a new way of doing things, and we’re excited to share it with you. You can contact us through our website with any questions or if you would just like to hear about our progress. Our demonstration site is also a work in progress at and should be completed very soon.

SimpleCampus is Content Management Made Easy.

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