Make Your Admission Application Highly Viral In Just 30 Minutes

Twitter and Facebook both offer simple “share” functions that are both easy to add into your online application and can aid in garnering some truly viral results. Adding a share button to their submitted application page will allow a student to share that they’ve recently applied to your school with all of their friends on Facebook and Twitter with just one click. This share post can link right back to your school’s website or online application and even include your school’s logo. If any students comment on the post (which is more than likely), the news will reach all of the commenter’s friends as well. This simple addition can soon spread to thousands of people with very little effort.


Interested in how easy this actually is? I thought so.

For Twitter, simply add the code below:

Share on Twitter

For a more polished look, you can wrap the link with a colorful twitter share icon and further aggregate the post by adding a few Twitter #topics (for example #college, #localcity) at the end of the post:

For Facebook, you will need to enter the following code:


If you would like to review more information on the Facebook Share API, you can find it here.

Here would be an example of both of the sharing features added to the application submitted area of a live online application:

Facebook Example

With the viral power of Facebook, your friends can comment on your recent enrollment and then this comment will be spread to all of their friends. Also, with every new comment to the post thread, each user involved will receive an e-mail update of it from Facebook.

If you do not currently have an online application or are looking for a solution that meets current governmental requirements you can view the SimpleApply demo admission application here. Your school may also be eligible for free software by joining the Beta Partner Program.

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