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Recently, Bob Johnson Consulting ran an article about Wellesley College’s implementation of a supplementary Quick College Cost Estimator. This tool allows students to quickly determine an estimate of the university’s tuition without having to fill out ten pages of numbers. This form was more succinct than the Federal Net Price Calculator Template to fill out, but took much less time than and took much less time than CollegeBoard’s version of Wellesley’s full-blown Net Price Calculator.

This strategy is an excellent way to boost the user experience of a complex and, let’s face it, “dreaded,” part of the college application and review process. Unfortunately, the Quick College Cost Estimator is not a replacement for the Net Price Calculator government requirement as they still have a link to that on their side menu. Staggering levels of interest with reward is a great way to avoid alienating “light inquiry” prospective students from giving your institution a shot at all.

Moreover, this is an ideal example of a school taking vast strides in the User Interface/User experience world of a sector that greatly needs innovation. Modern prospective students are not filling out the lengthy account sign-up forms of yesteryear, let alone a 20 page NPC. They want to authenticate themselves with their Facebook and Twitter accounts rather than filling in rote a first and last name.

Wellesley College Net Price Calculator

Check out their take at a Quick College Cost Estimator at:

Compared to their older NPC based on the standard Net Price Calculator Template:

Are Net Price Calculators actually very accurate?  Check out the wide range of results on a comparison of Net Price Calculators done by Bow Tie Admission when they took a look into HigerEd financial aid.

Simple Apply is currently looking to partner with institutions interested in developing their own Quick Cost Estimator supplement for the Net Price Calculator based on the data pulled from a prospect’s Facebook authentication. Please feel free to Contact Us, with any interest in the project.

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