Recruiting Prospective Students With Stone Tools

“The median cost to recruit an undergraduate was $2,185 among private colleges and universities, according to Noel-Levitz, an enrollment management consultancy.”

That seems like a pretty steep price in a digital age. The way most recruitment list vendors go about obtaining prospects hasn’t changed much in the last 10+ years. Qualified prospect lists are still compiled from standardized test data, calling applicants via phone, college fairs, text messages and mailing. All of these methods are expensive and not as effective as they once were. It has become common place that the first time a school becomes aware of a student is when they are actually applying to the school. Students don’t preemptively fill out the classic, massive prospect forms like they once did.

There is no doubt that prospects are using social networks, so here is a crazy idea, why not mine through all of this free and geo-located data to reach out to this elusive generation of potential student.

We have developed tools, keywords and landing pages to target audiences by using social network API’s to find students who are actually interested in attending your institution. Then we reach out to them openly and honestly to gauge their interest in you school. If they are willing, we proceed to gather small chunks of crucial information from them on their terms and as automated as possible.

How Has The Internet Changed Education?

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