The Campus Visit Marketing Tool

We all know that today’s parents are becoming more and more important in deciding the educational path of today’s students. With the launch of its new Campus Visit Manager, SimpleApply LLC is positioning new and exisiting clients to market to both parents and prospects by way of one of the most important events in the decision making process; the onsite visit.

Campus Visits are the closest thing to a trial run prospects can get. By coming onsite for a tour and meeting they’re able to get a feeling for the living conditions, learning environment, and local culture. It is also a pivotal discussion period between prospects and parents. This period of time can be stressful because many schedules must be coordinated, and emotions are high. That is why the Campus Visit piece must be created in a simple but organized format.

Staff members can enable the dates and times which are available. On the website, prospects would select from that list which date and time they would like to come, along with some details of the visit. Your staff can then confirm the visit request and make any additional arrangments. Automatic emails are set up to notify your staff when new requests come in. All of the information for the visit is easily accessible via a web based console. This form can then be linked into your site and promoted in a variety ways including steps to enrollment, banner ads, or email reminders.

A new demo of this functionality will be available shortly and we’ll update this post when it becomes public.

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