The Future of Forms

In the future, prospects can quickly authenticate to any school system by utilizing Facebook. They’ll simply login and their basic personal data will prepopulate securely. Imagine the rewards of a two second account creation process!

In the future, you won’t even need to direct people to your web presence. Your web presence will live in social networks in addition to .edu’s. Utilizing the viral pull of social networks, every important task can be completed right from the comfort of the Facebook environment with which prospects feel so comfortable. The added benefit is the stability of a framework tested by 300 million users. This is the direction to go; building solid business applications on top of existing, battled-tested infrastructures.

In the future, there will be a blurring of what’s “mobile” and what’s “computer”. Soon they’ll just been internet enabled devices. Therefore, prospects will be able to register for a campus visit from their Google phone. They can apply to college while simultaneously listening to music on their iPhone.

In the future, all forms with be section 508 compliant for Americans with disabilities.

In the future, things will move even faster. Technology grows exponentially, so the need to stay on top of it is essential. If you don’t you will inevitably be left in the dust. Prospects as a whole have the most cutting edge exposure in the Software Company – Higher Education Institution – Prospect technology triangle.

In the future, where do you see your institutions relationship with technology? In the future, where do you see the industry’s use of technology? Comments are welcome, as well as direct feedback!

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