The Trusty Axe and the Admission Toolset

Scan any coffee table quote book and you’ll usually stumble upon the famous Abraham Lincoln catch phrase about completing a job.  “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”.  The fact that it is still around today reinforces that it is an excellent metaphor with the potential for modern day application.  I started to analyze how this lesson might apply to today’s Admission/Application team and it highlighted a few specific understandings that I’ve long suspected.

The Axe

The Axe is your tool.  When wielded correctly, it can assist in accomplishing a task; the sharper the blade the better.  The problem these days is that the shed is now filled with different options!  Salesmen are constantly telling you that you need the latest and greatest version.  Truth be told, the old axe from 10 years ago is no longer the best option.  But do you need a chainsaw to cut down one single tree?  Between the cost and upkeep, as well as the learning curve to use it, maybe it is a tad overboard?  Maybe you’ve even realized this, and are instead buying a new axe every other year, each time with a new feature such as a longer handle, or heavier blade.  You’ve got to constantly adjust to this new tool.  Even if last year’s option better fit your strength level, you feel obligated to use it because of your investment.

The Suggestion

At SimpleApply LLC, we’re about saving trees, not cutting them down.  For metaphor’s sake however, let us provide you with a suggestion that’ll help you to chop that metaphorical tree down every year with ease and efficiency.  Pick the tool that fits your institution best.  Commit yourself to understanding the nuances of how to get the most out of it.  Sharpen that blade to a point regularly.  Every year your desired result will be achieved with a known measure of effort.  Now should your tree drop seeds and turn into several, then and only then consider upgrading your toolset.  And when you do make that decision, take with a grain of salt all of the bells & whistles and promises.  “It’s made of carbon fiber, and is 15% off today and only today” they’ll say.   “But does it cut?  In the end does it help me to accomplish my goal better then my veteran freshly sharpened axe?”

SimpleApply LLC makes an extremely durable axe that you can rely on to cut down your tree every year.  It’s a breeze to sharpen.  We implore you to consider us, but only if your existing tool no longer meets your needs.


  • The tree cutter – Your Team
  • The tree – Your incoming Applicants
  • The tool – Your Admission Application Software
  • The “old axe” – Online .PDF Application
  • The difficult to wield chainsaw – The big vendor’s latest offering
  • The trusty sharpened axe – SimpleApply LLC
  • Sharpening the blade – Commitment to learning, training, and growing within the Software
  • Your needs – Accomplishes the goal, Easy to Use and Setup, Affordable, 508 Compliant

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