The Vendor Consolidation Myth

One idea that always strikes me as interesting is the notion that consolidating all educational software products and services under one vendor has a benefit that outweighs using multiple specialized vendors.  I find this theory shocking because it is nothing more than a rumor, spread by large vendors who are in the business of offering product width/array at the behest of quality.  Think about it:  you have a large software organization, with an existing client base of colleges and high schools.  The more products you offer, the more opportunity to sell into your base.  Because these product “extensions” leave the area of expertise the company made their careers on, and are often rushed to market in order to increase sales, what you usually get is a sub-par service and software offering.

Now I do understand there are some benefits to consolidation, such as building strategic relationships and administrative efficiency.   It’s important to note however, that even relationship building with one large consolidated vendor has a possible negative side affect.  What happens if you realize things are going sour?  Do you abandon 1 million dollars in work – unable to cut the cord on the 20k project that is really the pain in your side?  No – you bite the bullet.  If you have separate vendors, the one who doesn’t deliver the quality you deserve gets chopped like a chef on the cooking channel.

SimpleApply is in the business of delivering quality.  We do not offer every service in the industry, but what we do offer, works extremely well.  We’d appreciated the chance to join your team of institutional partners that all work together to drive success.

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