Using a Net Price Calculator as Admissions Recruitment Software

Prospective students are already coming to your school’s website looking on to get a quick estimate of how much it might cost to attend. Are you currently taking advantage of this data collection point to qualify and start prospecting these inquiries into your admissions recruitment process?

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The Net Price Calculator is meant to be quicker than a full-blown Financial Need Estimator (FNE) or Estimated Financial Contribution (EFC), but the right balance of simple, painless data collection to the user can result in a perfect enrollment prospecting opportunity. The possible student is already interested and most likely has a Facebook account. How about an optional connection request to their Facebook, which could pull and store prospect data with one click and link it to the Net Price Calculator (NPC) calculations? This possible admission solution is in line with the modern trends of minimizing form size and user input and taking advantage of open social networking APIs.

Having a shorter aid collection screen than most other school’s complex, endless forms is the perfect time to ask a prospective student a few questions to qualify or contact them later. Try to avoid tacking on a large amount of required questions and don’t make the user simply close your website because it looks overbearing and time consuming upfront.

If you are currently using the Government Provided Template you are probably not collecting any data and wasting a shot at using the NPC as admission recruitment software. Not only are you missing a opportunity, but you also are likely violating section 508 compliance by using the free government template.
Make your Net Price Calculator (NPC) a part of your admissions recruitment software process today. Any time you can leverage a form that a student already has to fill out for another purpose without adding work or complexity to the user experience it is a win-win situation.

Aid Estimators are one of the rare instances prospective students are used to going to a web site and filling out pages and pages of complex data over and over again. If any social network had this type of wall up in front of the user signup page it certainly wouldn’t have many members.

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