Custom Development Made Easy

The pragmatic creation of custom software components can really unleash a system and provide new efficiency and service to your user base. The key to a successful extension of out of the box (native) functionality is to undergo a brief analysis that will help you determine just exactly why, what, and how you’ll roll it out. Ask yourselves these questions:

  • By customizing my software, what added benefit am I hoping to accomplish, and is this in line with my strategic priorities?
  • Rather than attempt to game plan the new functionality yourself, bring this to your software development resource and have them join you in collaboratively laying the scope of the work. This is a crucial step as a development resources will see many more “gotchas” than a client and getting mutual buy in to the scope at this point prevents future confusion.
  • With a spec confirmed, you can now review the estimated cost, delivery time frame, and possible start dates.

  • Some of the other considerations you should keep in mind include:

  • Is this functionality planned for a future release?
  • How does this affect my support agreement (is this feature covered)?
  • Could a simple business workflow adjustment be an easier or more effective option?

  • Simple Apply is always open to customizing a system to achieve a perfect fit. We want our clients to get the most out of their admission application system as possible and in order to accomplish this we strive to guide our clients towards worthwhile projects that show real return and we never attempt to push out new work just for the sake of new business.

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