Eco-friendly Admission Solutions

At SimpleApply LLC we pride ourselves ourselves on being an eco-friendly business. We’re able to do so by advancing strategies in our client base that reduce the reliance on paper products. Whether you’re a current client, a prospect, or have no interest in the SimpleApply admissions tool set, I urge you to consider the following statitics:

– According to U.S. Census data there is roughly 15.9 million students enrolled in the nations colleges and universities

– According to the recent James Tower E-expectations study, at least 28% of the incoming class is still applying using traditional paper

That’s a lot of paper. It’s also a completely seperate business workflow that needs to be managed and creates a plethora of errors because of penmanship. With the abundance of public workstations now available colleges and unversities are switching in mass to an online only route for important forms. Making this important decision is pragmatic from an admission workflow perspective, and also in doing so you’re promoting a brand image of eco-friendly awareness.

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