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Data Integration

Simple Apply Integration is capable of working with any backend ERP system. The process can be fully automated and scheduled to run at whatever frequency you require. Utilizing secure FTPS (FTP over SSL) data can seamlessly be transferred and interfaced into other systems.

We will work custom with any Web Services or API platform you might be on to create an integration solution that will meet your needs. Our company model extends to the data integration portion were we will make it as simple as possible and do the heavy lifting for you. Let our experienced staff sit down with you for a free consolation today.

Simple Apply conforms to flat file or PESC XML admissions standards which is also approved by the following companies and organizations to make integration easier:

  • AcademyOne, Inc.
  • ACT, Inc.
  • CollegeSource, Inc.
  • ConnectEdu, Inc.
  • Datatel, Inc.
  • Docufide, Inc.
  • Jenzabar
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Oracle Corporation
  • SunGard Higher Education
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Plus many others