Online Application Software Features

When purchasing new Online Application Software, it’s important to remember that your selection will affect both your front-end Applicants, AND your own Admissions Staff. Below are some of the standard features we’re proud to offer you. We encourage you to take our Frontend Online Demo which will allow you to experience one of our Applications first hand. If you would like further clarification on any of the items listed below, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. It is our goal to provide you with a complete Application solution.

Best Practice Application

Take guessing out of the equation by utilizing our Application template. It knows just which questions you need to ask according to the federal reporting standards.

List Data Management

List Data is crucial to providing a limited data set with which to report off of (dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes). With our streamlined manager, you can add, edit, or delete List Items descriptions and codes in a heart beat.

Customization and Application Text Management

In a matter of seconds, update your School Name, Logo, or Color Scheme. Has your Application process changed? Quickly edit your Application text to alter the workflow for your Prospects.

User-focused Application & Console

Did you know that when you confuse a Prospect with how to Apply, your putting 2 to 4 years of tuition at risk? Our Application is optimized for user experience, meaning it’s a breeze to complete. Not to mention, your staff will benefit from a streamlined ultra easy to learn Console environment.

Account Creation

Prospects get distracted. With this feature they can start and stop at any time, not losing their work. Many prospects would like to have their parent or guardian review their application before submitting.

Data Features

Easily View, Edit, Print, Print All, or Export your Applications. It’s not much good if you can’t get the important information out quickly. Our exports can also be easily imported/integrated into your current ERP system.

Administrative User Access Control

Our Administrative Controls are built to limit access to the various funtional areas. Lets face it, not everyone should be able to decide the color scheme of your Application.

Automatic Email Updates

We’ve built Automatic Emails into the systems to provide assurances to your Prospects when they’ve completed a crucial step such as Submitting their Application. You can even edit what the messages say, and who they came from.

Facebook & Twitter

Why spend huge money on marketing projects when you have the power of viral communication right at your fingertips? With Facebook and Twitter plugged into your application, each applicant will be notifying their network that they selected your institution.

Section 508

Section 508 Compliance

This federal reporting requirement is very important. Most of our competition utilizes a programming style that makes achieving compliance very difficult. This means that with SimpleApply, users with disabilities will be able to interact with your appliction. For more information on Section 508, please click here.

Integration 1

Integration 2

Data Integration

SimpleApply Integration is capable of working with any backend ERP system. The process can be fully automated and scheduled to run at whatever frequency you require. Utilizing secure FTPS (FTP over SSL) data can seamlessly be transferred and interfaced into other systems.

SimpleApply conforms to flat file or PESC XML admissions standards which is also approved by the following companies and organizations to make integration easier:

  • AcademyOne, Inc.
  • ACT, Inc.
  • CollegeSource, Inc.
  • ConnectEdu, Inc.
  • Datatel, Inc.
  • Docufide, Inc.
  • Jenzabar
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Oracle Corporation
  • SunGard Higher Education
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Plus many others


If you’re currently charging an application fee, take advantage of one of our e-commerce options to quickly and effectively allow applicants to process payments through your website.

  • Paypal / Verisign
  • Cashnet
  • Authorize.NET
  • Plus any vendor with an available API

Hosting Rack


We realize that not all of our clients can effectively Host due to the overhead and technical skillset necessary to maintain a secure environment. Where private information is concerned, there is no room for error. Our Hosting option features unparralleled performance, up-time, and most importantly, security.

For clients who wish to handle their own hosting the software runs on the Microsoft server platform. You can download the specific server requirements here.