Software Pricing

Our Software Pricing

We will give you a good idea of our pricing up front. We work directly with the client to build custom solutions tha fit your exact needs and process. Simple Apply avoids giving you the sticker shock when you find out our competitors pricing after the sales call. Below you will find out Admissions Application tiers along with the Net Price Calculator.

Online Admissions Application Software

Basic Online Application

$ 4,000 per year
  • Our Tier 1 platform is perfect for any institution looking to set up a baseline Enrollment Management System
  • Up to 5 hours of Application/Integration Customization
  • No Hosting (can be added for $500/yr)
  • No Ecommerce

Fully Custom Application

$ 6,000+ per year
  • The Tier 3 option gives you everything you need in one package; a healthy amount of customization and hosting and ecommerce options.
  • 20 or more hours of Application/Integration Customization
  • Includes Fully Hosted Website Solution
  • Ecommerce included

Net Price Calculator (NPC) Software

Self Serve NPC

$ FREE FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME (new clients only)
  • Login in today and easily create your own fully hosted NPC
  • Instant website, update any time on your own
  • Meets Section 508 and Federal Compliance
  • Exportable Student Data

Fully Custom NPC

$ 4,500+ contact us
  • Have special needs and a custom financial aid process you need us to match? No problem, contact us for a quote today
  • We will work with you to develop a software solution with an emphasis on easy of use, value and reliability

Additional Pricing Information

All costs include full technical support covering bugs, training assistance and yearly text changes and minor software edits.

Extended or large scale agreements may result in additional discounts.

True software customization (feature changes) are possible and billed at $150/hr with a budget agreed upon in advance.